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The Mount Rogers Planning District Commission (MRPDC) is an organization that promotes regional cooperation and planning in Southwest Virginia. We serve the Counties of Bland, Carroll, Grayson, Smyth, Washington, and Wythe and the independent Cities of Bristol and Galax.

Please explore our site to learn more about the Mount Rogers region and the localities we serve.


Mount Rogers Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan Five Year Update

The Mount Rogers PDC's Hazard Mitigation Plan is an official statement of the PDCís hazards, vulnerability analysis, and mitigation strategy that is a result of a collaborative multi-agency and citizen planning process. As a living document, it guides implementation activities to achieve the greatest reduction of vulnerability, which results in saved lives, reduced injuries, reduced property damages, and protection for the environment.

The PDC's Hazard Mitigation Plan ensures consensus through a planning process on mitigation actions that best suit the community. The plan also allows communities to focus efforts and limited resources on the most highly desirable mitigation projects. Each Locality also must have a State and Federally approved plan to apply for and receive mitigation grants. These grants can augment local mitigation activities already done and planned activities too. Ultimately, these actions reduce vulnerability and communities are able to recover more quickly from disasters.

The current hazard mitigation plan is available here and the PDC is now accepting public comments regarding the plan update.

Please submit all questions or comments regarding the Hazard Mitigation Plan to James Dillon.

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